About Dirt Shop

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Whether you are a developer, a contractor (estimators, project managers, superintendent, foreman, etc.), a property owner, a consultant or a transporter, you have come to the right place. We understand your time is valuable so let’s get right to it. Simply put, Dirt Shop provides construction material services. The majority of our work includes providing soil/waste classification (through sampling and analytical services and review of site history), locating and securing cost-effective dump/recycle sites, soil/waste profiling and approval, manifesting and truck-bossing, transportation and disposal/recycling services, and material import services (clean fill material, recycled base rock, quarry products, etc.).  Please click on “Services” here or on the link above, which will take you to a listing of all the services we provide.

What’s new at Dirt Shop?

Inventory listings!!! Our “easy to complete” forms are waiting for you to fill out and submit with one easy click ( Got Dirt! Got Material! Need Dirt! Need Material! ). Upon receipt, we will add your material needs to the applicable Inventory list (free of charge). The Inventory lists will be viewed (free of charge) by all the contractors and others who visit our website. Whether you have clean dirt or other materials you want to get rid of ( Got Dirt! / Got Material! Inventory sheet ), or if you need import of clean fill, recycled base rock, quarry products or other materials ( Need Dirt! / Need Material! Inventory sheet ), our Inventory lists are quick, powerful, cost-effective tools for you.

Why use Dirt Shop?

There are several reasons why Dirt Shop is your best option for construction material services.


First and foremost is our dedication:

We understand that by using our services, you are putting your trust in us, which we do not take lightly. That is why you can expect a Dirt Shop project manager/truck boss at your project site while we are providing services. In fact, all Dirt Shop’s customers have 24 hour access to us. We welcome your calls and questions and look forward to serving you. After all, there is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer.


Next is our experience:

we understand your project needs, as we’ve been providing construction material services for over a decade. Whether you need our expertise in classifying material, transport and disposal of contaminated or hazardous waste, offhaul or import of clean fill material, sampling and analytical services, import of recycled base rock and/or quarry products, transport and recycle of broken concrete and/or asphalt, or any of the other multitude of services we provide, you can rest easy that we’re on top of your job.


Finally, the volume of material that runs through Dirt Shop:

The high volume of material that runs through Dirt Shop equates to preferential rates from our vendors, which we then pass on to our customers. Our vendors include transportation companies, dump sites, landfills, quarries, laboratories and many others. Let Dirt Shop take care of the headaches associated with your construction material needs by providing you with aggressive rates and the best in customer service.

Need Trucks?

We can meet your needs. We provide a wide variety of trucks at competitive rates.
End-dumps (27’ – 39’), Transfers, Bottom-dumps, Double bottoms, Super-dumps, 10-wheelers, High-sides, Roll-offs (bins ranging from 10-40+ yards), Flatbeds, Vacuum trucks, and Hazardous waste haulers. Click here to find out more.